A Story to Remember Artist Bios

  • Portrait of a smiling young adult wearing a black hijab and polka dot dress under large, white umbrellas
    Debby Rahmalia, Indonesia

    Debby Rahmalia is an illustrator and storyteller based in Indonesia. She studied interior design at Bandung Institute of Technology, but her long-term dream was to become an illustrator. Debby loves creating whimsical scenes that are filled with children, plant life, texture, and bursts of color. Her favorite media are mechanical pencils, crayons, and digital brushes. She was encouraged to pursue her dream after she had her first baby and has been illustrating ever since.

    Debby’s favorite family traditions happen during Ramadan, when her family gathers to set spiritual goals, decorate the house, listen to anasheeds, and read the Qu’ran and hadith. They share what they are grateful for and give food to people in need and to mosque staff.

    Debby’s favorite superhero is Spider-Man, since he’s funny and a good role model for kids. Someday, she hopes to share the books she illustrates with her child and to enjoy them together.

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