Keep It Watered Artist Bios

  • A fashionable, slender person in their early 20's sits in front of fashion photos and takes a selfie.
    Melissa Chaib

    Melissa Chaib is an illustrator based in Mexico. Right now, her art is very colorful and playful, but she likes to vary her work as much as possible, while keeping in mind the needs of each project. She always tries to push her ideas and style a bit further with each project by heading into new and different artistic directions. She thinks that her 12-year-old self would be happy to know that she has worked with clients she has admired her whole life and that she has always been able to keep the feeling of surprise in her work.

    Melissa has been inspired by a very wide range of artists, with distinct styles and from different periods. She is particularly impressed by Keith Haring and what he did for the design industry in the way he incorporated pop culture sensibilities into his work, all the while maintaining his seriousness and credibility as an artist.

    Melissa’s favorite superhero is Phoenix/Jean Grey from the X-Men. On one side, she’s the most powerful mutant ever and on the other, she’s this super cool, shy psychic. Melissa has also loved her character design—ever since she fell in love with the character in the 90’s cartoon.

    Christmastime is full of family traditions that are special to Melissa. She and her family are very close and enjoy the time together.

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  • A woman with brown, shoulder-length hair looking up at the camera. She is wearing a purple tank top.
    Alejandra Gollas
    Voice of Guadalupe (English and Spanish)

    Alejandra has some things in common with the character she voices. She is bilingual in Spanish and English, and she is a mom.

    Wonder Woman is Alejandra’s favorite superhero because she is strong and independent. Alejandra’s younger self would be proud of the fact that she has also been strong by continuing to fight for what she believes in. She considers equal rights and education to be the basis for everything.

    On Friday nights, her family tradition is to order some delicious food to eat together. Her favorite planet is Earth because everyone who she loves lives here.

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  • kiw_plant_active_state
    Emilio Lopez-Gollas
    Voice of Luis (English)

    Emilio is 13 years old and speaks English and Spanish. He hasn’t decided what kind of career he wants to have because there are way too many options. For now, he is having fun doing voiceovers for characters such as Luis.

    If Emilio built his own dream house, it might have golden heated toilets or video consoles in every room. It could also include some photos of Mercury. Mercury is one of Emilio’s favorite planets because it looks really cool.  

    Emilio’s favorite superhero is Captain America because he combines super abilities with a more normal action movie protagonist. Emilio’s own super abilities include working with technology. Someday he’d like to try out snorkeling or mountain biking.

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  • An 11-year-old boy looks at the camera with a big smile. He has short dark hair and is wearing a blue t-shirt.
    Leonardo González
    Voice of Luis (Spanish)

    Leo Gonzalez is 11 years old. Leo speaks Mexican Spanish, which can sometimes sound different from the Spanish spoken in other parts of the world. It was fun for Leo to bring the character of Luis to life.

    Leo’s favorite planet is Mars because there is still so much to discover there! On a typical weekend here on Earth, Leo likes to pass the time by watching some TV, playing video games, or going out to eat. 

    Spiderman is Leo’s favorite superhero because he is often underestimated. Tyrannosaurus rex isn’t usually underestimated since it is super big and has enormous teeth, but it’s still Leo’s favorite dinosaur. 

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