Loopy Moves Artist Bios

  • A white woman with shoulder-length brown hair smiles with colorful paint in the background.
    Melanie Demmer, USA

    Melanie Demmer developed her colorful, textured, joyful artistic style while studying Illustration at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Some features of her style were inspired by Impressionist artists such as Mary Cassatt and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

    Her younger self would be impressed by all the places she’s gotten to travel in pursuit of being an artist. Younger Melanie would also be really excited to find out that she finally has a cat.

    Melanie’s favorite superhero is the kind-hearted and genuine Spiderman. She also has her own secret superpower: she can untangle a necklace in a flash. But she thinks web-slinging would be super cool, too.


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