On Your Own Activities

Everyone can solve problems and every problem has more than one solution. These activities are designed for kids to explore engineering on their own. The only materials you need are your imagination and pencils or crayons!

  • ASK questions about each problem. What do you need to know before you make your plan?
  • IMAGINE how you could solve the problem.
  • Choose your best idea and make your PLAN. You can write the steps you need to take or draw a picture of your design.



Move the Animals

Veterinarian checking the heart rate of a puppy who is lying on an examination table.




Your neighbor is a veterinarian. She takes care of dogs, cats, birds, and turtles. Some of the animals are heavy and she has trouble getting them up onto her examination table.

Your Challenge

Can you design a device that she can use to safely lift all kinds of animals?




Display the Action Figures

A young boy playing with his action figures




Your friend collects action figures from around the world. He has 40 figures that are about the size of your hand. He needs a case to display the action figures when they are not being used. He also wants to be able to carry the action figures when he visits his friends.

Your Challenge

Can you design a case to display and carry the action figures?