Keep It Watered Artist Bios

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    Melissa Chaib, Mexico



    Melissa Chaib is an illustrator based in Mexico. Right now, her art is very colorful and playful, but she likes to vary her work as much as possible, while keeping in mind the needs of each project. She always tries to push her ideas and style a bit further with each project by heading into new and different artistic directions. She thinks that her 12-year-old self would be happy to know that she has worked with clients she has admired her whole life and that she has always been able to keep the feeling of surprise in her work.

    Melissa has been inspired by a very wide range of artists, with distinct styles and from different periods. She is particularly impressed by Keith Haring and what he did for the design industry in the way he incorporated pop culture sensibilities into his work, all the while maintaining his seriousness and credibility as an artist.

    Melissa’s favorite superhero is Phoenix/Jean Grey from the X-Men. On one side, she’s the most powerful mutant ever and on the other, she’s this super cool, shy psychic. Melissa has also loved her character design—ever since she fell in love with the character in the 90’s cartoon.

    Christmastime is full of family traditions that are special to Melissa. She and her family are very close and enjoy the time together.