Pass the Peppers Artist Bios

  • Photo portrait of a slender person with short-cropped hair and beard scruff, wearing a collared shirt over a sweater

    Ross Wiley, US



    Ross Wiley is an illustrator based in Japan. He studied illustration at the University of Connecticut and has worked as a freelance illustrator ever since. He likes to create images that are simple and colorful while remaining scientifically and culturally accurate, so people can be entertained and educated by them. Some of his favorite artists are Peter Spier and Peter de Sève.

    One of Ross’s favorite family traditions is gardening, which involves growing kumquats, cucumbers, and clementines and making foods such as marmalade and dill pickles. He also enjoys birdwatching, since finding birds is like collecting Pokémon in the real world.

    He likes learning about dinosaurs (his favorite is the feathery Deinonychus) and outer space. He is excited for humans to explore Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.