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Keep It Watered

Keep It Watered! challenges you to design a way to keep plants watered while you are away from home. What will you design?
Luis and his mom, Guadalupe from the "Keep it Watered" EDP activity sit at a kitchen table where their tomato plant is being watered by a mechanical arm.

Sounds of Celebration

Help Purna and Ved engineer musical instruments to welcome their grandparents when they come to visit!
A colorful drawn picture of a family who sings and plays homemade instruments while two people outside a window stand on a map of India

I Spy Technologies

Make a trip to the grocery store or the laundromat more fun as you spot technologies all around you!
Art supplies on a desk: paints, paperclips, colored pencils and dice
A library with a table full of classroom engineering design supplies: straws, paper, clips, pipecleaners, paper plates, tape and glue


Organizing a family STEM event? Promote creative problem solving with these research-based activities designed for a group setting.

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Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these young engineers in action! 

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Bye Bye Bug

Bye Bye Bug

A Story to Remember