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Turn It Up!

Help Bia and Cris engineer a solution to make the music from their grandfather Tiago’s cell phone louder!
Bia and Chris stand with their grandfather, Tiago from the "Turn it Up" EDP activity. Behind them are multiple sound devices such as an organ, a bullhorn and speakers.

Sounds of Celebration

Help Purna and Ved engineer musical instruments to welcome their grandparents when they come to visit!
A colorful drawn picture of a family who sings and plays homemade instruments while two people outside a window stand on a map of India

I Spy Technologies

Make a trip to the grocery store or the laundromat more fun as you spot technologies all around you!
Art supplies on a desk: paints, paperclips, colored pencils and dice
A library with a table full of classroom engineering design supplies: straws, paper, clips, pipecleaners, paper plates, tape and glue


Organizing a family STEM event? Promote creative problem solving with these research-based activities designed for a group setting.

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Looking for a little inspiration? Check out these young engineers in action! 

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Bye Bye Bug

Bye Bye Bug

A Story to Remember