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EiE® is the award-winning curricula division of the Museum of Science, Boston. Our research-based, hands-on engineering (Pre-K–8) and computer science (G1–5) curricula introduce learners to the engineering design process (EDP) and create a generation of problem solvers.

In April 2020, the EiE team expanded our offerings to provide free resources for parents, guardians, and caregivers to enjoy engineering activities with their children. These resources are fun, approachable ways for families to begin their own STEM journeys.

Families can use these resources independently of the curriculum you use in your classroom. They can enjoy learning, building, and problem solving together. But you can also use these activities as an extension of the engineering activities you are already leading in the classroom.

As they work on these activities and on the more in-depth EiE curriculum units, students explore what engineers feel, think, and do. We call these principles Habits of Mind. Here are a few of the Habits students will practice:


  • Collaborate effectively.
  • See themselves as problem solvers.
  • Persist and learn from failure.
  • Weigh the implications of solutions.


  • Apply math and science knowledge to problem solving.
  • Envision multiple solutions.
  • Consider problems in context.
  • Consider tradeoffs between criteria and constraints.


  • Communicate effectively.
  • Construct models and simulations.
  • Innovate processes, methods, and designs.


Every EiE curriculum product is rigorously evaluated before release. Learn more about the important role research plays in the development of EiE Families.
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Parent Letters

Extensive research shows that family involvement has a significant impact on students’ academic achievement and future goals. Share these letters with your students’ families to encourage them to use the resources available on this site.




Organizing a family STEM event? Promote creative problem solving with these research-based activities designed for a group setting.
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