For Caregivers

Parents and caregivers everywhere are looking for ways to help their children succeed in school and prepare for the future. Working on STEM design challenges as a family is a fun way to build skills that will be important to your child no matter what path they take in life!


Everyone can solve problems and every problem has more than one solution. That’s the beauty of our EiE Families resources. You can work with the children in your life (especially those aged 4–11) to design your own solutions to our challenges. You might just be surprised at the great ideas you come up with!

What and When?

You may think that an engineering or computer science challenge requires expensive equipment, a deep knowledge of engineering, and tons of time. No way! You and the children in your life can use simple materials around your house to design solutions to our problems. A paper towel roll might just make the perfect tunnel, and some scrap paper might make an ideal sail!

Do you know you’ll be stuck waiting in line somewhere this afternoon? Try an On the Go Activity to pass the time. You and your family might be inspired to keep the conversation going over dinner tonight!

Do you have an hour of family time this weekend? Pick out one of our At Home Activities. You might even have a solution designed in 30 minutes!

If you have more time, you can think about planning a STEM Event at a school or organization that is important to you. We have everything you need to plan, market, and host an event for several families to experience an engineering challenge.


Working on design challenges with your family is a unique, fun way to practice creative problem-solving skills and collaboration. The whole family will gain confidence, and research shows that family involvement has a significant impact on students’ academic achievement and future goals. Families that learn together have fun together!

Keep the Conversation Going!

At the Museum of Science, we believe that everyone can solve problems and every problem has more than one solution. We can’t wait to hear about your solutions!

Please send an email to for more information about how to share your pictures on our site!

Simple, Inexpensive STEM Bin Ideas 

You can do a lot of fun STEM activities with your family using materials you likely already have. Still, it’s easier if you’ve collected some things into a bin or drawer so you can find them when you want them. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Popsicle or craft sticks 

  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls 

  • Cardboard – small pieces or boxes 

  • Chenille stems (pipe cleaners) 

  • Tape or glue 

  • Rubber bands 

  • Plastic containers (like yogurt cups or takeout containers) 

  • Scissors  

  • Paper clips and binder clips  

  • Markers, crayons, or pens 

Over time, you and your family may find other items to add to your STEM bin.  


Organizing a family STEM event? Promote creative problem solving with these research-based activities designed for a group setting.
A library with a table full of classroom engineering design supplies: straws, paper, clips, pipecleaners, paper plates, tape and glue