A library with a table full of classroom engineering design supplies: straws, paper, clips, pipecleaners, paper plates, tape and glue


Whether you are looking to host a STEM event at your school or organization or you are looking for events to attend, we have you covered!

A grownup and child work together on an engineering project.

Get Down! Essential Resources for STEM Event Hosts


Are you ready to host a STEM event? The Educator Guide helps administrators, organizers, and facilitators host an engaging engineering experience for families. In the activity, families help Makayla and her dad, Andre, engineer a solution to get down a drone that is stuck in a tree.

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Get Down! Family Activity Guide (English and Spanish)


Each family will need at least one copy of the Activity Guide in English or Spanish. The Guide provides the context and instructions so that families can work independently on the design challenge.

Get Down! Posters (English and Spanish)


Decorate your space and offer signs so that your families know where to collect materials, test their designs, and dispose of their trash.

Upcoming STEM Events

All of these great EiE Families activities might inspire you to explore more STEM-related activities to do as a family. Here are a few ideas from around the country!

Want us to share your STEM event? Email us at EiEFamiliesFun@mos.org


Artemis I Launch!

Watch the largest rocket ever take off!

Credit: NASA; Uncrewed Artemis I Space Launch System rocket at liftoff



Your Backyard

Geminid Meteor Shower

In the Northern Hemisphere, November 19 through December 24

This is often the most visible meteor shower of the year. It is predicted to peak on the evening of December 13.

See website for more information.


Boston Area

Open Night at the Observatory

Most Wednesday evenings at the Coit Observatory at Boston University

See the website for more information, including how to make reservations.

Mental Health: Mind Matters

The Museum of Science is proud to announce a new temporary exhibit, open through January 22, 2023. See the website for more information.

New England Climate Stories

Explore live animal and natural history displays at the Museum of Science to learn more about how climate change impacts the plants and animals of New England. See the website for more information.