At Home Activities

Explore engineering as a family! You’ll be challenged to design solutions to everyday problems. What will you design? A zip line? A speaker? A slow-drip watering system? These activities are a great way for your family to develop skills like critical thinking, communication, creativity, and persistence. They’re also a lot of fun!

  • Bye Bye Bug

    Bye Bye Bug challenges you to design a way to catch a crawling bug and release it safely outside. What will you design?
  • Pass the Peppers

    Pass the Peppers! challenges you to design a way to get something from one place to another. What will you design? A zip line? A catapult? A pulley system?

  • Keep It Watered

    Keep It Watered! challenges you to design a way to keep plants watered while you are away from home. What will you design?
  • Loopy Moves

    Loopy Moves challenges you to write the steps of a dance that contains repeated patterns. Can you make it easier to write your dance steps?
  • This Game Rules

    This Game Rules challenges you to write the rules for a game. Can you create different outcomes, depending on the situation?
  • Turn It Up!

    Help Bia and Cris engineer a solution to make the music from their grandfather Tiago’s cell phone louder!
  • Sounds of Celebration

    Help Purna and Ved engineer musical instruments to welcome their grandparents when they come to visit!
  • A Story to Remember

    A Story to Remember challenges you to think about how the order of events matters in a story. What should happen at the beginning of the story? How should the story end?